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Freed Instincts

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to
change the world.
Today I am wise, so I am
changing myself.



I can help you
Who am I?
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This is a question that mystics, healers, philosophers, and seekers have been asking themselves for eons, and I am no different. I am still discovering new parts of my essence everyday.  Within the core of my being I know I am a Goddess Warrioress, I am a daughter, sister, friend and lover. I am a unique expression of Divine Oneness, of The Great Mystery! 


Hi, I am Casey Serra and I am so honored to hold space in this moment with you!


I have been studying, serving and applying the multi-faceted teachings and tools of the ancient and modern healing world for over a decade now... I am honored to have studied at various schools receiving certifications and trainings:


- Energywork Therapist with The

California Academy for the Healing Arts, 2011-2013

- 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training certification with

Anand Prakash Yoga Ashram in India, 2013

- Ayurvedic Apprentice Program from

The Sanctuary in Orange County, California, 2014-2015

- Life Activation Practitioner & Healer with

The Modern Mystery School, Toronto, 2015-2021

-Initiate and Lightworker within the Lineage of King Solomon, 2015-Present

-Initiate and Priestess within The Lineage of The Rose, Goddess Rising Mystery School, 2022- Present


Blending my knowledge and wisdom gained through experience and the understanding of the relationship of the body/soul/spirit connection, I see the potentiality of harmony with all life.  Through the teachings I have acquired over the years, I understand that the endeavor toward purification of the psyche and bringing in light will allow us to step forward into our most expansive, empowered and abundant lives.  


Although remembering who and what we are as Gods and Goddesses is a life’s work...The Great Work... I know that the effort and determination my clients bring forward magnetizes more beauty and joy into their lives, and in turn the world around them...


We are at the precipice of the new earth! Some may call this Shamballah, but deep in the core of all of us there is an intrinsic knowing that we, as one, can come together and bring Peace on Earth.

Square Stage

"Practicing Yoga with Casey has been transformational for me on many levels.   
In just a short time I  have notice a deeper and stronger mind body connection. I am also more focused mentally  and balanced energetically. 
I have felt stagnant energy shift and begin to  flow within my body.  This has had a positive effect on my physical, mental and emotional health. I am also manifesting more of what I want within  my life! 
Casey is truly a wonderful, caring and highly intuitive woman with wisdom beyond her years.   I can’t thank her enough for her time and support."
Anthony Colace


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Located on Beautiful Planet Earth, currently visiting
Toronto, Ontario
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