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Discovering Foundation

There  are many aspects to living a life with rhythm; in harmony with the inner and external worlds.  I believe the 3 doorways to explore are through the Body, Soul & Spirit.  

Your unique expression is the key into these doors.

Freed Instincts encourages surrender so that we - you, me, and all our guidance - may weave together a unique combination of modalities that will best support your highest empowerment.


Below, you will find the foundational framework from which we emerge, as a phoenix from the ashes.



Our physical bodies are the interface between the external and internal worlds.  All that we have experienced holds a place in the body, unless consciously released.  This includes trauma, emotions, stress and stagnancies.  Physical practices such as yoga and chi exercises allows the body to process these frequencies, letting them go, which provides space for greater potential.  

Not only does what we experience affect how our body operates, but what we consume plays a major role in our health and longevity.  Consuming the right nutrients for your body is just one way to honor your physical temple.  Traditions such as Ayurveda take into account your unique make up to provide a foundation for optimum health.  



The Soul can be understood as the greater aspect of the mind.  It holds our true essence, our perceptions, personalities, as well as our higher and lower ego. This is the body through which we connect to Source.

Often times when we feel emotionally out of balance, it is likely our Soul is out of alignment forgetting the joy, excitement and purpose that we naturally possess as well as our gift of connecting to Source, Divine Oneness, God, The Great Mystery...

Practices such as meditation, breath work and receiving Light Work assist in bringing awareness to that which needs balancing so that we may refine our habits and continue to endeavor towards happiness and contentment.  When our soul body is in alignment, we are in greater harmony with the flow of the universe.

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Spirit has many words.  We know IT as God, Divine Oneness, Source, Allah...each are expressions of the same essence that we connect to; the all knowing formlessness that we build a relationship with through devotion. 

It is known that the more deeply we are connected to Spirit, the more trust and guidance flows through us as we traverse life.  Love fills your whole being when connected to Spirit; there is an aliveness to this existance.

Practices such as prayer, ritual and service to others align us with this ultimate force which allows us to flow love through our lives, feeling fulfilled despite our predicaments.

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