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Yoga Asana & Meditation



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A Meeting of The Feminine






Temple Amrita 

Exploring your Eternal Mystery 





Each month I share an Offering of Love, a Newsletter and Art Share which includes 

-Prayer Pond to offer

well wishes

-A Practice to Balance your Energetics 

-A Contemplation through poetry, articles, etc.

-& A Sip of Cosmic Tea, which is stirred with magick & attunements in rhythm with the Now


May these keys open new gateways into your Body, Soul & Spirit

for the betterment of your whole essence

and all those around you

What is Temple Amrita?


We are a community of women that are inspired by the blossoming of our body, soul and spirit.


Women have been gathering for millennia, and it is within this space that support, expression, sensuality, inspiration, creation, vulnerability and empowerment arise so we may bring that transformative power back to our personal microcosms.  

Every-other month we will explore the essence of Amrita; that which is undying.


For thousands of years, different cultures & lineages across the globe have been using practices such as meditation, movement, breathwork, and magick to assist in the alchemical transformation and longevity of the human vessel- the body temple.  


In this space we explore the fountain of youth, the nectar of life, and the enjoyment of all that brings us rejuvenation & expansion.  We stretch the mind & the body to make space for the potentiality of a supreme existence through Kundalini Awakening.


There are chasms to explore


We look forward to sharing space,

Team Temple Amrita


Guided Meditations

30-45 minute meditations to soothe the nervous system


Ananda Rooted- 15 Minute Yoga Series
Each video listed below holds a different energy to support you  

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